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dublin. this morning department of homeland security directing training session for a group of government agencies. alameda county sheriff's office is warning residents near the santa rita jail they may hear explosions. officials say the explosions will not endanger people or property. >>> aging sewer system causing nasty problem in marin county 88,000 gallons of raw sewage overflowed this week engineers say that could be just the beginning. homeowner says sewage flowed behind his house for four days. engineers say the entire system is made of up of 50-year-old clay pipe that is crumbling now, leaking sewage into the ground water it is happening -- >> particular, very small tributary drainage, drains into san he will sell know creek. -- san end sell know creek. >> the fine could reach -- 800,000 it will cost 300 million to rebill. over the summer the board voted down a rate increase. >>> long road ahead for victims of super storm sandy cleanup expected to take months traffic backed up for miles, long lines of people waiting for buses and gas in the -- as they face a forecast that includes
are governed by. >> the 44-year-old maude love used an accelerant to set fire to the mayor's office. >> so did the mayor even know who he was, who he is? >> again, that's not something i want to comment on. >> according to family mechanics, love had asked the mayor to handle his mother's estate after she died in 1999. love end up being forced out of the house his mother owned and family members say love has always blamed the mayor. records show love filed a civil suit againstos by davis in 2005, but a judgment was never recorded. >> we have been looking at him as a lead in a series of arsons which had have plagued our city. >> he also set a mortuary on fire on june 6th. >> the a fine ram home handled the service for his mother. he's also accused of throwing a fire bomb through the window of the taylor chapel on june 30th. love always felt the church was evil. >> we tried to contact mayor osby davis but he did not return our calls. meanwhile maude love is in jail charged with three counts of arson. reporting in vallejo, allen wong, abc7 news. >>> this morning richmond police are investigating g
: police did make some arrests, they also saw damage to private and locally owned city government owned property. they don't have numbers for us yet, they are hoping to get an assessment later this morning as far as how many they arrested, how many were hurt and how much damage was done. right now, the crowds are gone we've seen a stumbling fan here and there. still excited about the night. still a little confused, daid and tired, -- dazed and tired. king street is open, sweep out trying to recover from the mess. they have just opened it back up. life slowly returning to normal here at at&t park. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> woman of the worst destruct after the game happened in san francisco's mission district. that's where kira klapper joins us live. >> reporter: the aftermath of last night's celebration still remains this morning, not very much, i'll get out of the way so you can see some trash piles charged black they were much bigger a bit ago, trucks have been here all morning, streets are soaking wet from cleaning crews not from any sort of rain. let's get you to the video of w
the government applies pressure to these lenders. much more coming up at 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> latest on superstorm sandy. residents along the east coast beginning the long road to recovery with key transportation resuming today. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: new york city is coming back to life it might be easier for some to get around starting today. first laguardia airport has reopened as of this morning flights limited call your airline if you are flying this morning. subways and ferries resuming limited service. buses will try to fill in gaps. governor cuomo is waiving fees and fares today and tomorrow to help people get around. for anyone who dares to drive, police are manning checkpoints and enforcing a three-person carpool requirement to get into manhattan. they are looking at new jersey now, slower recovery there from the storm which has killed more than 70 people and left millions without power. natural gas fires still burning in new jersey and people are still stranded in hoboken. >> compared to the last storm this is far worst
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4